» Integral Politics

MIT GROUP is committed to the implementation of Integrated Management System, legal requirements, regulatory and others to which the organization subscribes, heading the human resources and infrastructure necessary, for the development of shipment transport in the interior of the country and abroad, Customs and storage of goods.

As fundamentals of Integrated Management Policy, M.I.T GROUP declares its commitment to:

  • Prevention of injuries, diseases and environmental pollution, providing a secure place of work to our employees and others, through the identification and control of risks and environmental aspects of greater significance and derivatives of our activities.
  • The effective allocation of resources and compliance with legal requirements and others on security matter, occupational health and environment.
  • Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by meeting predefined requirements, reviewed and approved to meet your needs and expectations
  • Protecting your overall infrastructure, avoiding property damage and preventing the company be subject or vehicle of illegal activities during the course of their operations.
  • Promoting social responsibility with its stakeholders.
  • The financial support of the organization, within its possibilities can meet the objectives in terms of quality, safety, health, environment and social responsibility.
  • Give effect to all the legal consequences of any official who goes against the organizational guidelines and somehow violates or threatens the healthy operation of the company.
  • Ensure the publicity and maintaining the fundamental principles and values defined by the company as well as the guidelines contained in the code of ethics and the code of good governance, as premises that each of the officers must attend during their personal development , work and family.
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