» International Air Transport

We have a warehouse and highly qualified stuff in the City of Doral Florida 5065 NW 74 AVE UNIT 7 MIAMI FLORIDA 33166. This warehouse has all the permits required by the US Government (TSA) to act as agent of Air Cargo. We assist our clients in the coordination to mobilize their cargo by air.

Our freight agent has the permits and contacts required to reserve spaces in the aircrafts, as well as do the relevant documentation; likewise we consolidated shipments, draw routes and plan deliveries, always trying to optimize costs for the customer.

Logistics M.I.T U.S.A. born as a necessity of our customers related to the flexibility and efficiency required to meet its trade commitments; all our staff understand the urgency involved hiring an air service, which allows us to ensure that your shipments arrive in the best conditions so that they have as soon as possible of its goods.

Our network of agents worldwide ensures that we are anywhere in the world for you.